For the scuba diving amateur, we can organize programmes on demand, by calling a scuba diving club we are used to work with.

The area is very rich with diving sites, large drop offat less than fifteen minutes, coral reefs preserved by the little of human activity and the larger of the site. You will cross the path of : ray manta and mobula, many varieties of sharks, trevalies merous, dogthooth tunas, turtules, every species of pelagic and reef fish at your fingertips and for the lukiest, depending on the season, the famous whale sharks « who can exceptionally reaching 20 meter in lenght, for a mass of 34 tons, this shark is considered as one of the biggest fish alive on earth. However, its size is generally between 4 and 14 meters » although perfectly harmless.

Condition : 2 minimum divers
1 diver, extra 10 euro by day.

Diving explorations & Diving baptism
2 dives(le même jour)6 dives(3 jours)10 dives(5 jours)1 dive/dayBaptism&Beginner dive
Tanks and weights 80€ 235€ 365€ 55€  65
Materiel included 90€ 255€ 400€ 60€
Training of divers
(tarifs included certification, dive card, logbook for diving, rental equipment…)
CMAS or CMAS/FFESSM ( French Federation for underwater studies and sports)
LEVEL 1/CMAS*(6 plongées)LEVEL 2/CMAS**(10 plongées)LEVEL 3/CMAS***(10 plongées)Licence FFESSMIndispensable si formation FFESSM
 Open Water Diver(3 jours)Advanced Open Water(3 jours)EFREmergency First Response Rescue Diver Divemaster
 465€ 335€ 170€ 425€Contact us!

ActivitiesSport fishing

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